Accept Payments with Vagaro

Our payment processing system integrates seamlessly with our
booking software. 
Get paid from your desktop or from any mobile

Customizable Commission Payouts

Custom commission tiers give owners more control by ensuring payroll costs are directly
tied to the money employees bring in. Easy-to-use tools allow you to create unlimited
customized commission tiers, set specific commission rates, and pay employees for
services, classes, & product sales using a flat dollar amount or a percentage.

Unlimited Commission Tiers

Use tiered commissions to encourage employees to sell more services
and products. As performance increases, employees earn a higher commission rate. Create as many commission tiers as you want for
service, class, & product sales.

Customize Commission Rates

Every service and product you sell is unique, and how you pay staff for them should be, too! Vagaro enables you to set specific commission tiers by service, class, or product, so you can focus employees on selling more of specific products or services. Set specific commission pay tiers for service, class, and product sales.

Flat-Rate or Percentage

Small business owners can design your ideal payroll with hourly base pay and set commission rates or a sliding scale percent commission. Have more control over payroll costs by adjusting commission rates by specific employee, experience levels, sales goals, or specific retail products

Full-Service Payroll Management for Businesses of Any Size

Vagaro online payroll software is fully customizable for small business owners, simplifying every aspect of paying your staff. From first time set-up to payday, Vagaro makes it easy to get started and even easier to run the payroll your business needs on a schedule that works for you. Vagaro gives you:


As many payroll runs as you want


Tiered, flat-rate, or percentage commissions pay rates


Pay stubs, payroll history, & more

The Payroll System That Works for Your Business

Onboarding new hires, processing, and running payroll every pay period has never been simpler! Vagaro helps small businesses spend less time on payroll and more time with customers and offers your business advanced payroll services through integrations with QuickBooks, Xero, and Gusto.

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