Take Control of Your Calendar

The Vagaro calendar is designed for the Salon, Spa and Fitness industry. All the features implemented are simple to use with minimal steps and effort required.

Multiple Service Providers

Select multiple service providers and view their schedules at the same time on the calendar screen. With one click, view the schedule of every service provider working today or limit it to one group such as nail techs.

Drag & Drop

Reschedule or change an appointment’s duration with a simple drag and drop. After moving an appointment you have the option to notify the customer of the change. This functionality works on tablets and phones as well.


Use Popup Notes as helpful reminders for your customers’ needs for their appointments. When a note has been applied, an icon will show on the appointment. Clicking on the note will give you access to everything about this client including their past purchases and future appointments.

Recurring Booking

Set up recurring appointments for your regulars. For example, Juliet comes in for a haircut every 4 weeks so with recurring booking, she won’t have to worry about rebooking. Vagaro will take care of it.

Personal Time Off

Going on Vacation? Simply enter in the dates of your vacation and your schedule will be blocked off from online appointments. While you are on vacation, your customers can book appointments for when you get home.

Resource Scheduling

Do you have appointments that require a room or space to perform the service, like a massage room or yoga studio space? When booking an appointment or class, you have the option to reserve a resource or room to ensure it is available for you. Same rules apply for online booking.

Notify Customers of Changes

Automatically send a notification to your clients or a service provider when an appointment is booked or changed. If a front desk person books a service provider, the service provider can be notified through email, text or push notification.

Day/Week/Month View

Alternate between day, week, and month view to see your upcoming appointments. Loop up multiple service providers in day, week, or month view on one screen.

Double or Triple Book

Maximize your schedule with our multi-booking features. If you can handle it we will book it. Specify you Gap start time and duration and we will fill your schedule with our intelligent online booking algorithms.

All The Settings You Need

Configure the starting day of the calendar. Select the order in which you want to see the service providers. It’s your world we just live in it.

Jump By Week

Are you tired of figuring out what date it is 4 weeks from today so you can book that appointment at the right date? Just use our quick jump buttons and we will get you to the right date every time.

Adjust Working Hours

Let us work around your schedule. Set your working hours and we will take care of the rest. Should you choose to work on a day that you are normally off, just open up your hours for that particular date and we will allow online booking for that day only.

Custom Appointment Colors

Customize the color for every service category. For example you can choose red for highlights.


Set up classes and book as many students as you wish. Set the capacity, length, and description. Once the class is full, online availability will automatically show as full.

Sync & Export Calendar

Want to see your business appointments next to your family schedule? Sync your Vagaro Calendar with Google, Apple, or Outlook calendars.

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